The StayLinked Warehouse

1. Receiving

Now you can take traditional terminal emulation to new heights with Android touch screen capabilities and rich graphics from StayLinked. It's a simple software migration path to transition devices from legacy operating systems to Android.

2. Put-Away / Replenishment

Improve put away and replenishment productivity and accuracy with StayLinked Evolve and the rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display, the only see-through wearable display built for the enterprise.

3. Inventory & Materials Movement

When inventory management devices are collected from smart lockers, StayLinked receives a message. Device battery life is monitored and location is mapped. Even if a device is faulty, runs out of power or drops off the network, the session is seamlessly picked up on a new device.

4. Picking

StayLinked Evolve provides detailed visibility into fundamental picking and packing processes using images and metrics, with several Zebra APIs.

5. Packing

Evolve allows you to combine the breadth of Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and packing optimization of Zebra FulfillmentEdgeTM – alongside StayLinked TE to enhance collaborative packing across multiple orders while orchestrating workers and robots.

6. Shipping

With StayLinked Evolve and Fetch AMR integration, completed orders can be sent to shipping with StayLinked triggers, ensuring your workers are doing what they do best.

7. Cross-Docking

StayLinked Evolve and SmartTE are an integral part of any innovative warehouse solution: StayLinked can replicate and pilot your planned automated conveyor operation within a week of inception. Coordinating cross-docking activities requires a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure the efficient and accurate movement of goods, equipment, and people.

8. Reverse Logistics

Zebra's Android mobile computers give you total visibility across your operations, allowing you to efficiently process customer returns, put seasonal and surplus inventory back into stock, or identify goods for refurbishment or disposal.

Pair Zebra devices with StayLinked to virtually eliminate dropped sessions. Support call volume is drastically reduced, driving a direct positive effect on the bottom line.