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Optimize Your Business Processes

Keeping employees on the job is a key part of productivity. The architecture of traditional terminal emulation solutions often leads to erratic application connectivity and performance. This results in end users spending time troubleshooting issues with the help desk rather than performing important application tasks. By eliminating dropped or lost sessions, providing centralized application configuration and management, and delivering highly efficient help desk tools, StayLinked keeps applications and end users running at peak performance.

Increase Your Operational Speed

Because of our unified architecture, StayLinked Terminal Emulation (TE) is the fastest TE solution available for mobile devices. Traditional terminal emulation products send all telnet/SSH traffic over the wireless network to the mobile device. With StayLinked, host transactions are executed locally on the host computer. Only small, secure interactions are exchanged over the wireless network with the mobile device. This is especially important when contending with slow or erratic wireless networks where legacy terminal emulation products are more likely to fail.

Maintain Your Sessions

StayLinked virtually eliminates dropped sessions between the mobile device and the host application. Whether the problem is poor wireless network coverage, mobile device battery issues, or mobile device reboots, the terminal emulation session will never be lost. In fact, sessions can be transferred to another device or even shared across multiple devices.

Migrate to State-of-the-Art Devices, Measure and Optimize Productivity with Cutting-Edge Business Intelligence, and Interface with Ground-Breaking Technologies

Graphical User Experience
Easily add a modern, customized graphical user experience for your touchscreen devices. New user interface screens are generated automatically or created in the screen designer to suit your needs.
Future-Proof Your TE Applications
With a single StayLinked license, you get the most reliable, secure, and fast terminal emulation, with the option of adding graphical screens immediately or whenever it makes the most sense for you. Migrate at your own pace without additional license purchases.
No Changes To Your Existing Application
With SmartTE, you continue to use your existing, high-speed TE application with no revisions to that important code. The new SmartTE graphical screens operate independent of the mission-critical host application code.
Easy Deployment
Modern graphics-based screens (and changes) do not need to be re-deployed to mobile devices. Every user gets the new screens automatically with their next connection.
Enhanced Security
With Blowfish encryption, firewall-friendly design, application lockdown, and support for port filter and access list controls, StayLinked ensures the integrity of your data and communications.
Enterprise Performance
StayLinked delivers the fastest TE in the industry, and SmartTE is built upon the same high-performance architecture.

By the Numbers

2k+ Customers
150k+ Devices
80+ NPS Score
98+% Customer Retention


StayLinked gives our customers an enterprise-grade solution they can deploy on Zebra state-of-the-art Android devices without experiencing disruption to their existing workflows.
Gopi Polavarapu
Senior Director Product Management, Zebra Technologies
Our collaboration with StayLinked, an industry leader in terminal emulation solutions, provides users with a more familiar interface while offering our customers centralized software management and a simplified mobile device deployment process.
Taylor Smith
Vice President of Marketing, Honeywell's Productivity Products
With StayLinked, customers using the XT15 and VH10 mobile computers can migrate from legacy Microsoft operating systems to take advantage of the productivity improvements offered by our innovative Android-based mobile computers.
Joe White
Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies
We are proud to be working with, and extending our relationship with, StayLinked. We are extremely selective with the companies we work with and invest in, and StayLinked has been a key partner for a number of years.
Ronan Clinton
CEO, Timewise Systems

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