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SmartTE Fair Licensing

Understanding the Way You Operate

StayLinked's SmartTE Fair Licensing Policy has been helping customers to improve efficiency and productivity for their existing terminal emulation (TE) systems for nearly two decades. 

Fair Licensing offers a compelling alternative to traditional forced subscription models, granting customers flexibility and freedom from rigid contractual obligations.

With a one-time licensing fee, businesses retain complete control of their StayLinked SmartTE software, eliminating the recurring costs associated with subscriptions.

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Wherever You Are on Your Journey, StayLinked Can Help

Whether you're looking to take advantage of the latest technology without upgrading your WMS or you want to deploy new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to increase productivity and combat labor shortages, StayLinked has the experience and technology to help. 

SmartTE allows you to take advantage of today's touch screen devices without changing underlying applications.
Warehouse worker scanning stack of boxes
Transform "Green Screens" to Graphical Screens
Touch-Enabled Applications
Enterprise-Level Security
Optimized Productivity
Eliminates Dropped Sessions
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Evolve future-proofs your existing TE system, allowing you to take of advantage of new IIoT technologies.
Faster POCs
No Coding or Scripting Necessary
Easy Configuration
Fetch AMR Robot Integration
Heads-Up Display (HUD) Integration
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Rely on Your Terminal Emulation Investment

Reliability and security are intrinsic to all of StayLinked's solutions.

The impact of lost data can be catastrophic, not only causing delays and risking a breach in service- level Agreements but also demotivating workers who lose faith in the technology.

StayLinked's superior architecture never drops a session, so your data will always get from A to B regardless of whether the network connection is dropped or a device powers down.


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Measure the Impact of New IIoT Technology 

Evolve reduces the time taken to evaluate and deploy new technologies from months to weeks, eliminating the need for complex integrations with proprietary software that typically runs on IIoT technologies. Evaluate, measure, deploy, and optimize.

De-risk your planned investment quickly and easily with StayLinked Evolve. No coding or scripting required.


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What SmartTE and Evolve Can Do for You


Rely on Built-In Session Persistence and Enterprise-Level Security

StayLinked looks after your data, eliminating dropped or lost sessions so you can keep applications running and meet target deadlines. Your data is kept safe and secure at all times.


Make Truly Informed Decisions Based on Actionable Data

Rapidly get proofs of concepts up and running for new IIoT technology and measure the impact before committing to a full rollout, de-risking planned investment.


Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency with IIoT

Integrate new IIoT including heads-up displays (HUD) and AMRs to increase worker productivity and drive efficiency across key warehousing processes.


Measure and Optimize Your Critical Business Processes

With the help of intelligent automation, you can increase communication and supply chain production while maintaining focus on core business processes.


Empower Your Workforce to Deliver Outstanding Results Every Time

StayLinked helps to automate simple tasks, providing clear guidance and confirmations to workers so they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities.


Future-Proof Your Existing Terminal Emulation System

StayLinked's mission is to ensure companies can continue to use their existing systems, taking advantage of new technologies without the need to rip and replace their WMS.

Fast Facts

2k+ Customers Globally
150k+ Devices Using StayLinked
80+ NPS Score
91+% Customer Retention

Partnering to Help You Get More from Your Existing System

StayLinked works hand in hand with leading AIDC technology partners to go the extra mile to provide hands-free scanning, inventory asset validation, robot control, and streamlined automation, all without the need to replace your existing infrastructure.


StayLinked gives our customers an enterprise-grade solution they can deploy on Zebra state-of-the-art Android devices without experiencing disruption to their existing workflows.
Gopi Polavarapu
Senior Director Product Management, Zebra Technologies
The StayLinked Evolve platform has been instrumental in quickly and easily implementing Fetch AMRs in a challenging customer environment. The StayLinked team has demonstrated a keen knowledge of how to integrate Fetch hardware with existing workflows with no coding or complicated scripting.
Stefan Nusser
Senior Director Product Management Fetch Robotics
Our collaboration with StayLinked, an industry leader in terminal emulation solutions, provides users with a more familiar interface while offering our customers centralized software management and a simplified mobile device deployment process.
Taylor Smith
Vice President of Marketing Honeywell
With StayLinked, customers using the XT15 and VH10 mobile computers can migrate from legacy Microsoft operating systems to take advantage of the productivity improvements offered by our innovative Android-based mobile computers.
Joe White
Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies
We are proud to be working with, and extending our relationship with, StayLinked. We are extremely selective with the companies we work with and invest in, and StayLinked has been a key partner for a number of years.
Ronan Clinton
CEO, Timewise Systems

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