Fetch + StayLinked

StayLinked's technology adoption platform for the supply chain empowers your workers with intelligent automation and IIoT solutions. In this video, you'll learn how easy it is to create a seamless workflow with state-of-art devices. 

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Empower Your Zebra Mobile Devices

StayLinked has teamed up with the world's leading supply chain manufacturers, such as Fetch and Zebra, to bring you the most cost-efficient and flexible configuration solutions available. Streamlining your supply chain, optimizing your peak performers, and extending the capabilities of your business processes have never been easier.  

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Extend Workflows with Zebra's HD4000 and Fetch

StayLinked allows the HD4000 to easily communicate with Fetch AMRs to extend the proven systems you already have in place. And StayLinked allows you to interact with these new technologies without committing to costly proprietary solutions.

Fetch / Android Device Integration with StayLinked
StayLinked works with the world's leading hardware manufacturers to simplify robot integration.
Stay Productive
Stay Productive: Session Persistence Built Right In
By eliminating dropped or lost sessions, StayLinked keeps applications running.
unmatched speed
Unmatched Speed: Fastest Enterprise Solution Available
StayLinked's architecture allows Fetch AMRs to execute transactions with the host applications locally.


With StayLinked.io, customers using Fetch AMRs can extend their existing telnet warehouse applications in new ways they might not have thought possible.
Joe Q. Smith
Vice President and General Manager, Robot Integration, Fetch Robotics
StayLinked gives our customers an enterprise-grade solution they can deploy on Fetch devices without experiencing disruption to their existing workflows.
Jane Q. Johnson
Senior Director, Product Management, Fetch Robotics

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