Enterprise-Grade Terminal Emulation

Honeywell SmartTE is a reliable, easily managed, terminal emulation solution that improves productivity. It takes advantage of modern touchscreen mobile devices by automatically transforming terminal “green screen” applications into easy-to-use, graphical screens with no changes to the underlying enterprise applications. SmartTE is a complete enterprise-grade solution for the latest cutting-edge devices, such as the Honeywell CW45, enabling secure, high-speed emulation to connect mobile workers to backend systems.

Fits Your Environment

SmartTE is designed to fit into your existing software infrastructure. Whether you use private cloud stacks, public cloud or distributed servers, SmartTE can support your needs. 

  • Redundancy
    Deploy in VM stacks with auto-failover or any other resilient environment that your organization has in place. 

  • Load Balancing
    Minimize response time and avoid overload on any single resource. 

  • Session Persistence
    Built in as native functionality of the host software. No need to manage separate session servers or software.  

Superior Architecture


SmartLandscape mode enables you to get your existing application up and running in minutes on the CW45. This new feature intelligently splits your portrait application into two columns so it works beautifully on landscape-oriented device

Path to Modernization

Reduce impact on your users by moving to a fully customized solution at your own pace. Dynamic Modernization adds touchscreen elements to green-screen TE in minutes, instantly improving productivity. 

Centralized Management 

Streamline your TE software management with SmartTE. Reduce time to operational impact, lower your deployment risk, proactively manage session performance and improve security. 

Optimized Workflows
Embed new technology into your existing workflows without touching the host application. This can significantly improve productivity and reduce worker frustration.
Improved Effciency
Efficiency of warehouse operations will improve significantly over time as the workforce employs hands-free technologies, allowing them to do what they do best.
Minimize Errors
With SmartTE and StayLinked Evolve, you can now utilize new tech while the workflow remains the same as before, minimizing risk and avoiding worker disruption.

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