Combining cutting-edge technologies with mission-critical enterprise features.


Technology at Work

When you choose Janam, you win - with the highest quality, wildly affordable mobile computers that are designed to exacting standards, from a company that thrives on saying YES to customers.


Janam is a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly. Janam combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver products with the right features and the right price. Purpose-built for extended use in demanding environments, Janam’s rugged mobile computers are enabling companies worldwide to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Purpose-built products/superior design – Janam’s products are smaller, lighter, faster and built to serve application/market needs.

Customer advocacy – Janam’s business is structured to serve customers. Its products, ordering system, fulfillment process and part numbering scheme are all designed to support customer demands. We pay careful attention to what customers need and maintain a culture of saying ‘yes’.

Competitive pricing – Janam’s lean operating model and low margin requirements allow us to aggressively compete on pricing.

Focus – Janam maintains a laser-like focus on rugged mobile computing, and unlike other companies in the industry, Janam is unencumbered by competing resources and internal politics.  


Expertise – Janam’s purpose-built products are the result of management’s deep industry knowledge. The company has the ability to efficiently integrate technologies and the insight and application expertise needed to design products specifically to meet the demands of today’s mobile workers.

Efficiency – Smaller, lighter, faster, smarter – describes Janam’s products and business approach. Janam is committed to providing value by being the first mobile computing provider to balance performance and price.

Service – Janam is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The business is structured to be responsive to the needs of customers. Dedicated support, fast response and follow-through are company hallmarks.