StayLinked Client Software for Android:
Version 15.1.0: Build 212, released on December 16, 2020.
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Support and enhancements for the SmartTE Android Client:
  • Support for the Keyence BT-A700
  • Support for the Janam XG4
  • Support for the Zebra MC2700
  • Extended viewport support
  • Additional SmartTile configuration capabilities
Support and enhancements for SmartTEK:
  • Support for the Zebra MC2700
  • Extended viewport support
  • Additional SmartTile configuration capabilities

StayLinked Client Software for Android:
Version: 15.1.0, Build 210, released on October 22, 2020.
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Newly Supported Devices:
  • Added Support for Honeywell CT40XP
  • Added Support for Honeywell CT60XP
  • Added Support for Zebra MC2200
  • Added Support for Datalogic SkorpioX5

StayLinked Client Software for Android:
Version: 15.1.0, Build 208, released on August 7, 2020.
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Newly Supported Devices:
  • Added Support for Zebra MC33x (Android 10)
  • Added Support for WinMate FM10Q Device
  • Added Support for Honeywell RT10A Tablet Device
  • Added Support for Datalogic Memor K (Android 9)

SmartTE Administrator and Server Software:
Version: 15.1.0, Build 208, was released on August 10, 2020.
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New Features and Updates:
  • We've added a new Screen Recognition Quick Access feature which makes it significantly faster and easier to access our screen recognition functionality. Previously, a lot of navigation was needed to edit an individual screen's recognition attributes. Now you can just double-click from the new Quick Access list.
  • We've added a new Exit trigger into screen recognition so we can now trigger a Host API whenever we leave a recognized screen. This is a very powerful feature which gives us much more control when augmenting existing applications.
  • We've added new Dynamic Screen Variables so we now update all screen recognition variables dynamically whenever the screen content changes. This is another powerful feature, especially when combined with the new Exit trigger.
  • We now allow our mnemonics and global variables to be used in Tap Spots, SmartTile buttons, screen recognition labels, buttons, and captions. This allows us to build much more dynamic application augmentations.
  • We now support ghost text in designer fields. This removes the need for on-screen labels and therefore makes much more space available for data. This is significant, especially for devices with smaller screens.
  • We can now dynamically resize the text on graphical buttons which makes screens look much better without you having to design the exact text size.
  • SmartMenu item alignment is now configurable.
  • We now allow enhanced configuration of color attributes for Graphical Input Fields.  You can now specify border color, background color, and text color individually for each field.
  • We have also doubled the number of colors which can be used for buttons and backgrounds for TESS sessions.
  • We can now capture the SSH Login ID and assign it into a variable for later use.
  • We now allow individual control over SmartTile button and caption opaqueness properties.
  • We now have full support for the Arabic language.
  • No-sleep mode option for terminal display while StayLinked session is active.
Support/Helpdesk Enhancements:
  • We have made it significantly easier for our customers to capture all log information and send them to us whenever they need support. They can now zip up all relevant log files with a single click.
  • We have also significantly enhanced our handler log analysis and added more information into our stdout logs.
Other Enhancements:
  • Performance: we can now improve performance even further on some networks by configuring Expedited Forwarding of network traffic
  • Some functions in the administrator would fail because it needed to be "Run as Administrator". We have removed this limitation.
  • In the Administrator, the popup reminding you that "Follow the Cursor is Turned Off" is now only presented once after you change this setting. It could previously have become an annoyance as it was presented every time you saved changes in screen recognition.