What's New in 14.5

The latest release of StayLinked further establishes the company as the leader in next-generation host connectivity solutions by adding features that are designed to directly improve end user job satisfaction, streamline business processes and improve overall productivity.

SmartTE Graphical Screen Design and Processing
  • Added support for the new Variable Height Graphical Input Fields feature.
  • Correct the removal of existing GUI buttons affected by consecutive copy block updates.
  • Make sure to process pending ‘Show SmartMenu’ Host API for Net Change Reformatted Screen Updates.
Terminal Emulation Enhancements
  • Added support for Device Manufacturer Specific Licensing.
  • Added support for Virtually Unlimited Length (<=9999) Barcode Input from the Client.
  • Corrected the 5250 Numeric Field Detection to ignore Blank and Zero Filled Attributes.
Administrator Enhancements and Improvements
  • Added support for Variable Height Graphical Input Fields in Screen Designer mode.
  • Added support for Device Manufacturer Specific Licensing Entry.
  • Added support for Virtually Unlimited Length (<=9999) Barcode Rules Configuration.
  • Implemented consolidated and simplified Keyboard Definition File Format Version 2.
  • Improved IP Address validation throughout the Administrator.
Assorted minor bug fixes. Assorted Enhancements and Improvements
  • Removed the limit on logging of Client Input transactions that are greater than 100 characters.
  • Added the scan length to the SCAN m

Graphic TE Application Modernization

StayLinked 14.5 gives you the ability to use vector icons for menus, headers, navigation, and more. By using the icon font included in the client, you can now easily design screens without the need for additional design resources or third-party graphics applications. 

This release also provides support of dynamic graphics-enhanced terminal emulation. When engaged, the system automatically enhances existing emulation screens with graphical elements such as tap spot and field recognition, check boxes, font selection text styling, virtual fields for VT emulation.

Enhanced screen recognition and screen reformatting – StayLinked’s groundbreaking host-based screen recognition and screen reformatting, which provides unparalleled control of a remote user’s experience, has been enhanced to provide more options for streamlining work flow and maximizing worker productivity.

Other features include Remote Administrator performance enhancements and Keyboard Maps comparison tool for easily migrating keyboard maps to new devices & platforms.

Smart Keyboard

Developed in close collaboration with mobile device manufacturers for cutting-edge devices (e.g., Zebra's TC8000 and WT6000, Datalogic's DL-Axist, and Honeywell's CT50), StayLinked Smart Keyboard allows users to maximize productivity on devices with touchscreens and no physical keyboard.

With Smart Keyboard, on-screen keyboards no longer obscure the underlying application. This new feature delivers keyboard configuration options which increase productivity through innovative user experience.

StayLinked Smart Keyboard improves user experience on touch-only devices because the Smart Keyboard feature allows workers to utilize the entire screen, no longer sacrificing usability for the sake of screen space. In fact, with Smart Keyboard, customers retain all their application's functionality, which enables seamless migration to Android and to new state-of-the-art form factors without ever having to touch the host application.

Emulation speed increases of up to 3X

StayLinked has optimized the communication protocol to reduce the volume of data exchanged between the server and the mobile device client. These protocol improvements have resulted in observable speed increases in product performance to StayLinked’s proven, best-in-class solution.

AccuSpeechMobile Voice Enablement

StayLinked version 12.1 and beyond includes integration with Vangard Voice’s next-generation, device-powered AccuSpeechMobile voice solution. The complete software-only solution delivers all of the benefits of voice-enabled wireless workforce connectivity without making any changes to existing business applications or processes. The release also supports sending dynamic text-to-speech commands to end users such as out-of-range and error messages as well as custom messages to groups of users. Learn More About Voice-Enabling Your Applications.


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