Touch-Enabled Freehand Scanning

With StayLinked and the NIMMSTA HS 50 Handsfree Scanner, existing warehouse applications can guide your workforce interactively through the user experience, saving time and reducing errors.

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Streamline your supply chain and increase the efficiency of your business processes. StayLinked and NIMMSTA deliver seamless integration to keep your enterprise focused on productivity.

Touch-enabled Freehand Scanning in Minutes
StayLinked has partnered with NIMMSTA to provide a seamless solution for extending your telnet warehouse applications.
Stay Productive
Stay Productive: Session Persistence Built Right In
By eliminating dropped or lost sessions, StayLinked keeps your applications and your workforce running at optimal performance.
unmatched speed
Unmatched Speed: Fastest Enterprise Solution Available
Because of StayLinked's incredibly efficient architecture, all interaction with the host application is executed locally on the host computer.

Platform design philosophy, cutting-edge

Technology and innovation (feature videos if available). Proven technology partner. Offers great support and guidance. Previous successes and platform credibility. StayLinked expertise and integrity.

We are excited to be working with StayLinked to help customers extend and improve their existing workflows. This alliance with StayLinked allows our customers to use the latest NIMMSTA devices and extend their telnet application capabilities to new devices without the typical complexity of integration.
Andreas Funkenhauser
We are proud to add NIMMSTA as another launch partner. Our customers can now leverage the freehand scanning capabilities of the HS 50. The ability to augment existing workflows with new technologies is something warehouse systems of any size can now take advantage of with
Padraig Regan
CTO, StayLinked Labs

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