Available for All Zebra Android Devices

As part of the innovative StayLinked approach, we are excited to offer the TekTerm for Android feature for Zebra's Android devices. Our cutting-edge technology is available for all of Zebra's Android devices, including popular models such as the Zebra MC9300, the versatile Zebra VC80x, the advanced Zebra VC83, the rugged Zebra MC3300, the efficient ET40, the compact TC22, and the powerful WT6300.

Additionally, we support the MC22xx/MC27xx series for seamless integration. For ultimate performance, TekTerm for Android is also compatible with the TC52/TC58/TC77/TC78 series and the L10 Tablet. Stay tuned for more exciting device models that will soon be supported. With TekTerm for Android, you can take your Zebra Android device to the next level. Read the FAQs to learn more about our exceptional technology.

Read the FAQs


TekTerm Users Can
Upgrade to Android
StayLinked has partnered with Zebra Technologies to provide a seamless migration solution for TekTerm customers.
Stay Productive
Session Persistence
Built Right In
By eliminating dropped or lost sessions, TekTerm for Android keeps your applications and your workforce running at optimal performance.
unmatched speed
Fastest Enterprise
Solution Available
Because of StayLinked's incredibly efficient architecture, all interaction with the host application is executed locally on the host computer.

StayLinked + Zebra

StayLinked is beginning the first wave of feature enhancements for Zebra TEKTERM customers, which will give them the ability to modernize their applications and move beyond legacy screens and capabilities.

  • Touch-enabled screens
  • Configurable SmartKeyboards
  • SmartTiles custom widgets

Platform design philosophy, cutting-edge

Technology and innovation (feature videos if available). Proven technology partner. Offers great support and guidance. Previous successes and platform credibility. StayLinked expertise and integrity.

With TekTerm for Android, customers using the XT15 and VH10 mobile computers can migrate from legacy Microsoft operating systems to take advantage of the productivity improvements offered by our innovative Android-based mobile computers.
Joe White
Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies
TekTerm for Android from StayLinked gives our customers an enterprise-grade solution they can deploy on Zebra state-of-the-art Android devices without experiencing disruption to their existing workflows.
Gopi Polavarapu
Senior Director Product Management, Zebra Technologies

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