User Study: Planzer

StayLinked developed the interface that pairs Planzer's existing logistics management system with the MARK scanner. Now, the Planzer team no longer needs to dismount from a forklift to scan pallets upon arrival or to record inventory locations. Picking and packing teams are enabled to scan and have their hands free to keep goods moving.

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ProGlove MARK Display

MARK Display adds intelligence to picking, sorting, and sequencing processes by communicating the essential data that workers need in a lightweight, wearable form factor to improve efficiency and performance.

ProGlove MARK Display Quick Start

In this step-by-step video guide, you'll learn how easy it is to integrate the ProGlove MARK Display into your existing telnet workflows using StayLinked.

Connect ProGlove with Your Android Devices
StayLinked allows you to easily pair and utilize ProGlove with the latest Android Devices without any coding or scripting required.
Stay Productive
Stay Productive: Session Persistence Built Right In
By eliminating dropped or lost sessions, StayLinked keeps your applications and your workforce running at optimal performance.
unmatched speed
Unmatched Speed: Fastest Enterprise Solution Available
Because of StayLinked's incredibly efficient architecture, all interaction with the host application is executed locally on the host computer.

Platform design philosophy, cutting-edge

Technology and innovation (feature videos if available). Proven technology partner. Offers great support and guidance. Previous successes and platform credibility. StayLinked expertise and integrity.

Our partnership with StayLinked has allowed our customers to use the latest ProGlove wearables, such as the MARK Display, to interface with existing warehouse systems in a reliable way, quickly and easily. It’s also now easy to work together with other emerging technologies without endless integration hurdles.
Andreas Koenig
CEO, ProGlove
With Planzer, we were able to bring a completely new technology into the workflow. It was gratifying to see how well the partnership between ProGlove and StayLinked performed and how seamlessly the integration was achieved in such a short amount of time.
Padraig Regan
Chief Product Officer, StayLinked

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