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What are Dropped Sessions?

What we mean by session persistence

A dropped session happens when the connection is lost between the device and the backend warehouse management system (WMS). A dropped session causes your warehouse workers to lose access to the workflow task they were engaged in. Our report shows that dropped sessions take significant amounts of time to resolve and directly impact the productivity and profitability of your business. 

Disconnections for devices can happen all the time. Session persistence is when these disconnections don’t cause sessions to drop – when the worker doesn’t lose their task, doesn’t have to start again and doesn’t even notice their connection was lost. All of this can be achieved by using the right software. No warehouse can eliminate disconnections, but every warehouse should strive for session persistence.  

  • In most warehouses, dropped sessions are not called “dropped sessions”. Instead, dropped sessions are often blamed on the device, the network, or are just called something based on the frustration of the worker!

Understanding the Impact of Dropped Sessions

An alarming aspect identified in our report is the impact dropped sessions have on the efficiency of day-to-day warehouse operations and on the workers themselves. A dropped session means that the affected worker can’t be productive. This affects the overall productivity of the warehouse, but it also:

Missed Deadlines by Warehouse Workers

Results in missed deadlines

In our survey, over 80% of warehouse workers said that dropped sessions somewhat or severely affected their ability to meet deadlines.

Dropped Sessions cost management time

Costs management time

Most workers need to involve managers or the IT department to resolve a dropped session, meaning that lost time is spread across the entire team.

Reduces Confidence in the device

Reduces confidence in the device

Most workers need to involve managers or the IT department to resolve a dropped session, meaning that lost time is spread across the entire team.

Affected worker morale

Affects worker morale

In a time when worker shortages are affecting many in the supply chain sector, dropped sessions are reducing worker morale through unnecessary work stoppages. This risks frustrating workers and making them less likely to want to work in your warehouse.

Dropped sessions cause significant financial losses

Causes significant financial losses

Repeated dropped sessions have a cumulative effect on productivity, morale and ultimately, the company’s financial performance.

Our Session Persistence Report

In order to discover the full extent of dropped sessions, StayLinked conducted a survey of warehouse workers. This allowed us to gain insights directly from the people who experience these issued firsthand.

From the survey, we created a report that examines this underexplored issue and how it affects both the warehouse itself and the workers within it.

$1,400+ The hidden cost of dropped sessions for the average warehouse per day.
84% of all workers surveyed experience a dropped session at least once per shift.
88% of warehouse workers in the UK say that dropped sessions affect their productivity.
17% of workers believe that management think dropped sessions are the worker’s fault.

Read the full report to understand the impact that dropped sessions may be having on your business.


The Hidden Productivity Killer

This 2024 report is based on research of warehouse workers to learn how big the issue of dropped sessions was, how your warehouse workers react when their sessions drop, and what the cost of dropped sessions is to your supply chain operations.



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The StayLinked Solution

Dropped sessions are not an inevitability. Dropped sessions are not just “something that happens” in a warehouse. Dropped sessions are the result of how your software connects the device in the worker’s hand to the WMS and other back-end management systems. The right software – StayLinked’s software – will eliminate dropped sessions for you.

Host-Resident Server

Host-Resident Server

StayLinked’s SmartTE is an enterprise-grade solution that focuses on security and session persistence. With the host-resident server, SmartTE is able to communicate directly with the device to keep all terminal sessions and application data securely anchored on the host device.

Upgrade Path

Upgrade Path

New technologies are constantly emerging so you need a TE solution that can keep you up to date without costly, bespoke coding. StayLinked’s solution offers integration that is fast, seamless and easy, allowing you to add anything from IIoT solutions, robotics or new peripheral devices.

Fair Licensing

Fair Licensing

StayLinked’s fair licensing policy provides you with flexibility, cost-effectiveness, control and the freedom to innovate. It doesn’t lock you into a subscription model. Combined with StayLinked’s ongoing support the licensing policy reflects StayLinked's commitment to its customers and the market.

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