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Customer Support

Phone: 1-877-STAYLINKED
Hours: Monday—Friday
7:30 a.m.—5 p.m. PT (UTC/GMT -8)
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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Here you'll find access to documentation, Quick Start guides, frequently asked questions, and more. Now you can get answers to your questions quickly and easily with the StayLinked Knowledge Base.
Knowledge Base

Supported Platforms & Devices

StayLinked uses a host-resident server to communicate with its thin-client device-resident software, keeping all terminal sessions and application data securely on the host. Flawlessly.

The StayLinked Server runs natively on a wide variety of reliable host platforms, including:

  • IBM i (OS/400)
  • HP/UX
  • Sun Solaris
  • SCO OpenServer
  • SCO OpenUnix
  • SCO UnixWare
  • x86 Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • MS Windows Server
  • MAC OS X

For additional information, or to inquire about other platforms, contact us

Advantech DLOG



Infinite Peripherals

Unnion Technologies

Zebra / Motorola / Symbol

Platform design philosophy, cutting-edge

Technology and innovation (feature videos if available). Proven technology partner. Offers great support and guidance. Previous successes and platform credibility. StayLinked expertise and integrity.

I want to say what a great training course StayLinked delivered: one of the best I’ve ever taken and one of the most difficult. John Haller's command of the material was impressive, and anyone who can make terminal emulation funny is a genius! I enjoyed the entire week in Irvine, thanks to his impressive skills as a technical instructor.
Patrick T. McLoughlin
Sr. Solutions Consultant, Peak-Ryzex
StayLinked SmartTE continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with terminal emulation. It's the main reason we’re excited to partner with StayLinked. With StayLinked training and certification achieved, Barcoding is positioned to assist customers in migrating to Android and implement modernized functionality.
Jay Steinmetz
CEO, Barcoding
I was honored that SMG3 asked me to participate in the StayLinked Certification. I was excited to learn StayLinked's architecture, UX, migration, licensing, as well as customer-specific applications to enhance our customers’ experience. SMG3 is thankful to StayLinked and John Haller for taking the time to help train our employees so SMG3 can strive to make a difference in our industry.
Sean Wallace
Technical Support Engineer, SMG3
When the StayLinked Certified Engineer Program was announced, we immediately jumped at the chance to certify our engineers so that we can both further cement our relationship with StayLinked and better service our customers. We were not disappointed.
Ronan Clinton
CEO, Timewise Systems

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