Automation & Robotics

With the integration platform, you can integrate new technology, products, and solutions into your legacy workflows.

Sensor & Beacon Awareness

Integrate with location-based awareness endpoints, such as Bluetooth beacon technologies, to inform your workers of where they need to be and where they need to go next.


By integrating with heads-up display (HUD) platforms such as Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge, you now have the power to utilize the latest in augmented reality with your existing host applications.

IoT Peripherals allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge devices, such as the ProGlove Mark Display, to increase productivity and streamline workflows.

Empower your workforce with state-of-the-art robotics without ever touching your WMS
Empower your workforce with state-of-the-art robotics without ever touching your WMS.
Integrated automation capabilities
Integrated automation capabilities allow you to couple your existing system with supply chain methods such as conveyor automation workflows.
Intelligent systems coordination
Intelligent systems coordination between applications allows you to link supply chain components while maintaining focus on your core business.
A platform-agnostic approach
A platform-agnostic approach allows you to seamlessly integrate systems without having to worry about interoperability.
Heads-up display integration
Heads-up display integration (Zebra) utilizes augmented reality to improve ergonomics, while helping keep your workforce safe and on task.
Workflow optimization
Workflow optimization using OCR enables you to autofill order forms, shipping manifests, and more.

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