Capturing Critical Data that Matters Most

StayLinked Terminal Emulation’s unique architecture enables you to capture critical server and mobile device data relating to device health, worker behavior, network availability, worker productivity, and more. StayLinked iQ understands application performance and measures all worker activity through the business process.



Right Place, Right Time: Real-Time Alerts

Configurable real-time alerts and customizable workflows allow you to automate notification procedures to advise the right employee at the right time.

Immediately Impacting Worker Productivity

Combine business process and technology data to clearly understand the factors that are impacting productivity. Compare performance across multiple locations and asset groups.

StayLinked Case Study

StayLinked iQ: Providing Operational Insights

StayLinked’s partnership with Savanna began with in-depth conversations about challenges, needs, and vision. What data points can be aggregated from different types of edge devices? Click the link below to see what we accomplished.


StayLinked + Zebra

StayLinked iQ and Zebra Savanna Data Services

In this video, StayLinked CTO, Justin Griffith, explains how StayLinked and Zebra came together to integrate StayLinked iQ and Zebra's Savanna Data Services to provide customers with critical data and valuable insights into their business processes that, up to now, they haven't been able to access.

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